AutoCAD Status Bar: ICONS or TEXT?

42% (95 votes)
58% (129 votes)
Total votes: 224

UPDATED 14 JUL 2014: Resurrecting this topic once more since the TEXT option was removed for AutoCAD 2015. We are leaving the poll closed because we don't want any duplicate votes over the long span of time since it was first posted. But please leave a comment on your choice if you have not already.

UPDATED 05 OCT 2012: This was one of the more popular polls from a few months ago. A recent blog post by Shaan Hurley made me revisit this poll. If you have not voted - please add your opinion!


I'm fairly receptive of new things in AutoCAD. Even if I do not adopt something new, I can generally find a reason for why things change. This one though, I still don't get. I can read the words much faster than I can figure out what the little icons mean. I've tried and tried, but this is still one of the first things I change on a new install. What do you think, ICONS or TEXT?

UPDATED 14 JUL 2014: Added the 2015 status bar below.


I think it depends on when/how you learned AutoCAD. I learned with the buttons and I know what they do without having to remember what the abbreviation stands for, mapping what a button does to the task is just as fast as mapping an abbreviation for me.

The other plus with icon is they are language neutral when doing training/support for other languages.

I agree Mike. If someone has never seen the text, and learned using the icons only - then I certainly understand.

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As a user, I don't care much. I may struggle in the beginning, but I'll eventually get used to it.

But I tend to prefer the text when training/coaching others. It is easier to say -

"hit the POLAR button"

rather than -

"hit the button with the circle and an angle triangle in it".

...with that being said, I solve that problem by going with something like "hit the X button from the right/left."


  I've done that also, but the only problem is that those buttons can be hidden, so "X" from the right/left on one machine may not land you in the same place on another machine. 95% of the time it probably will though.


Besides the choice of icons/text you can also toggle the visibility of the buttons on/off. So buttons like Infer, Snap, Grid, TPY, QP, AM can be off and you keep remaining a decent list of most used buttons.

Very good point, just be aware that if some buttons are hidden, you might not realize something is enabled, that shouldn't be enabled...

Using pictogram, or icons if you will, is a huge step backwards in communications. After all, that's exactly how written language got its start - as a petroglyph on a cave wall, or a painting on buffaloe hide. The next 10,000 years of human history eventually evolved communications protocols, from pictures to ideograms to alphabets. Using icons for communication is reverting to a very primitive and limited communications protocol. The advantage is that since the icon symbols and their meaning are both completely arbitrary, the vendor can minimize translation costs. The user simply has to learn a new and fluid picture language, which may or may change with random releases.

According to me, it totally depends upon your preferences . Both version are good . I am voting ICONS .


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