AutoCAD startup with no splash screen

Many years ago, programs started using splash screens to give you something to look at while the program was loading. Now days many programs load so quickly that trying to display a splash screen would probably cause the program load time to take longer. We recently tested AutoCAD 2015 with and without the splash screen and startup time without the splash screen is cut roughly in half (from 19 seconds to 9 seconds). If you want to try this for yourself, follow the steps below.

Locate the icon you use to start AutoCAD (or a vertical such as Civil 3D). Right click on it and choose Properties.

In the "Target" field, go to the end, add a space, then add the text "/nologo" (without the quotes). Close the properties dialog.

The /nologo switch is only one of many startup switches available for use with AutoCAD.


Interesting info, I wonder why it speeds it up. Was your testing on the first startup? The first startup always takes the longest and I find a splash screen is good to show it's actually doing something.

Actually Mike, it wasn't the first startup. I repeated the test over and over, alternating between the two icons. Why? Because I would have swore that there was no time difference regardless of the splash screen. But it surprised me, and the no splash screen time was much less.

Mike, I just installed AutoCAD design suite 2015 on a new machine running Win8. I repeated the test with the same results as my earlier test on different hardware. Turning off the splash screen results in a startup time of about half compared to when its enabled.


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