Tell Autodesk what you like or dislike about linetypes

The AutoCAD Product Design and Usability Group wants your feedback and input on making and using linetypes in AutoCAD.

I know there are people out there with linetype wishes, because I see them on the AUGI wish list... Maybe you would like an easy way to make a linetype like this (yes, this is a real AutoCAD linetype)
braid AutoCAD linetype

Follow this link to take the survey:


As one who not only works with 2 CAD packages regularly (DWG & DGN) I can tell you I dream of the day that AutoCAD can do linetypes like MicroStation. Now before I get a bunch of Bentley bashing comments, let me explain:

  • Yes, I learned MicroStation before AutoCAD
  • Yes, I regularly beat on Bentley to add features that work better in AutoCAD
  • Yes, I still prefer MicroStation to AutoCAD

So, let's talk about linetypes. There is a third part software out there that can create Bentley-like linetypes. All Autodesk has to do is buy them out and make it part of AutoCAD. But, we need a few additional things -these are all standard in MicroStation:

  • Apply a linetype to a 3D polyline (non-planar linestring)
  • Define a linetype as a true size or annotation linetype. (We do civil work - sometimes a linetyle represents a real world line, like roadway dashed striping while other times it is a symbol, like most complex linetypes.)
  • Have the linetype adjust spacing/scale so at least one stroke pattern will be drawn except on very short line.
  • Allow a linetype that has no linear segments - only symbols. A treeline of arcs with no little line segments at the end.


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