How to disable the ViewCube in AutoCAD

Typical ViewCube
If you are working mainly in 2D and the ViewCube is getting in your way, you can turn it off by entering NAVVCUBE at the command line and setting it to OFF. This is a per-viewport, per-drawing setting so if you want to disable this feature for future drawings, be sure to change it in your template drawing(s).

If you just want to adjust the ViewCube settings, choose the S option when you run the NAVVCUBE command. Also, the following system variables are related to the ViewCube

  • NAVVCUBEDISPLAY - Allows you to control when the ViewCube is displayed.
  • NAVVCUBELOCATION - Controls location of ViewCube.
  • NAVVCUBEOPACITY - Controls the opacity of the ViewCube tool when it is inactive.
  • NAVVCUBEORIENT - Controls whether the ViewCube reflects WCS or the current UCS.
  • NAVVCUBESIZE - Controls the size of the ViewCube.


I teach Basic 2D AutoCAD classes and was worried about my students getting into the viewcube prematurely. I was very pleased to see this post, it is a great help and I thank you very much.
I have disabled the viewcube in my template in Model Space as well as each Viewport in each Layout. I notice however that when I create a new viewport the viewcube is there. Is there a way to disable it upon creation of a viewport?

It looks like inside of OPTIONS, 3D Modeling Tab, Display ViewCube or UCS Icon frame - uncheck Display ViewCube.

I am sooooooo glad some body figured this out. I hate that darn thing. So a BIG "THANK YOU"..

What a relief !! Thankyou for the information !!!

Thank you. I work as an AutoCAD operator at an engineering firm and we upgraded to 2011 and the WCS cube has been bothering me

thank you very much!!!

Thanks for that - that thing was starting to p### me off!


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