Civil 3D Toolspace missing tabs

If you are working in Civil 3D 2011, and you look up and you are missing the Prospector and Settings tabs in your Toolspace, then you are not alone. I've been experiencing this problem for months now. It wasn't until AU class CM316-2U (AutoCAD® CUI: Tricks and Traps), that I found out what is causing the problem. How did this come up in a CUI class? This was an unconference class where the discussion was driven by the participants, and the problem was mentioned by Barbara Piper, who had figured out that it is the PREVIEW command that causes this behavior to occur.

Here is the normal Toolspace, and then the incomplete one after running the PREVIEW command.

You can restore them by clicking in the correct icon (twice) in the Palettes Panel of the Home tab of the Ribbon. Notice that the buttons are all depressed (indicated by the blue background) showing that the Prospector and Settings tabs are visible, even though they are not. That is why you have to click it twice.

In my tests, you only have to do this once per session of Civil 3D, since subsequent executions of the PREVIEW command do not affect the toolspace.


The tip on the missing tabs is great but has anyone had this problem - it's even more annoying:
I make a copy and rename the Civil 3D workspace and set it as current and the default. If I make any change to this copy (like add a toolbar from the ACAD partial cui) and save it (cui and workspace), the next time I reload this workspace, my Toolspace won't load. Under Customize Workspace, I notice that a second Toolspace Pallette shows up and neither can be removed. I set both to display and save but no change. I've tried locking all toolbars and palletts but no luck. I need to turn it on every time. Since all the civil 3D features are within Toolspace, this is a pain in the neck. Suggestions?

I have not seen or heard of this before. If you are on subscription, have you submitted a support request with Autodesk?

yep definitely have this problem.


I have this issue each and everytime after I perform a plot preview.

I see that if I enter _preview at the command line, I do not lose Prospector or settings tabs at all. If I use Preview from my plot dialogue box, I lose them every time.

It doesn't matter how the preview is launched, it does it here.
I almost always type in the command PREVIEW and I just checked it again right now.


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