Civil 3D Note Label

On many civil engineering projects, horizontal control is established by the creation of an alignment, or baseline, and then identifying locations using stations and offsets from this alignment. In some cases however, we are asked to provide only the actual coordinates of the proposed feature. Civil 3D makes this easy using a Note label, configured with a style to match your needs. Below is a sample Note label configured to show the coordinates and elevation.

What happens when you have too many of these labels in one area? Dragging the label off to the side can help, but sometimes there is still not enough room – or maybe you just want to show the coordinates in a table or inside a paragraph of text. Below is a typical situation where the dragged state might be used.

One idea is to turn off the visibility of the leader that appears when you drag the label. I know what you are thinking now… if you turn off the leader, how do you know what the coordinates are pointing to? Add a tick to your label style, using a block defined on a non-plot layer. Then when you select the label text, the tick (or block) you specify will highlight along with it – but not plot. Why go to all of this trouble when there are other ways of labeling coordinates? Because the built-in Civil 3D labels are dynamic. You can place one and then copy it around in the drawing over and over -- and the text will update on the fly, always giving you the correct coordinates. Notice the final two images where the point we labeled has moved and the coordinates updated automatically.

This is just one simple example of using the many available features of styles can help you in Civil 3D.


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