AutoCAD Text Editing

If you are editing TEXT (not MTEXT), and the system variable TEXTED is set to 0 or 2, then you will be using the In-Place text editor. Although you can type in %%U to add underlining, there is no obvious way to remove it. I would guess most people would not even try the %%U since initially it shows up in the string while you are typing it in.

In-Place Text Editor

Anyway, you can use CTRL+U to toggle underlining (on selected text) in the In-Place Text Editor. Here is a partial? list of other In-Place Text Editor keyboard shortcuts.

  • CTRL+F - Insert a Field
  • CTRL+A - Select all text
  • CTRL+V - Undo changes
  • CTRL+O - Toggle Overscore on selected text
  • CTRL+U - Toggle Underline on selected text
  • CTRL+SHIFT+U - convert selected text to UPPER case
  • CTRL+SHIFT+L - convert selected text to lower case
  • CTRL+ENTER - finish editing
  • CTRL+R - Find & Replace

(Those last four, courtesy @JustOpie on Twitter!)

If you prefer the older TEXT edit dialog, set TEXTED to 1.

Older Text Editor dialog

Do you have any other Text Editor tips?


CTRL+V - Paste clipboard
CTRL+Z - Undo changes


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