AU2011 - Looking Back at past AU Events

This will be my seventh year to attend AU. Here is a look back at my past years using select photos. All images except the last three, are courtesy of Shaan Hurley.

If you are attending AU2011, there is a Flickr group set up where you can share your photos.

Ok, let's go to the full story to see the photos.

AU 2004 - MGM Grand, Las Vegas

One of the many huge tents (is that the appropriate word?) set up to feed the thousands of attendees


Just one of the many shots from inside the exhibit hall


AU 2005 - Disney, Orlando FLA

A beautiful setting, although when it was all said and done, the masses wanted Vegas back.

AU 2005-11-27-05 (16)

Why is everyone here? The classes, of course!

AU 2005-11-28-05 (20)

AU 2006 - The Venetian, Las Vegas

Steve Johnson and Lynn Allen

AU 2006

Another shot of a typical class setting.

AU 2006

AU 2007 - The Venetian, Las Vegas

One of the many, many shots of someone holding the Matt Murphy clay head - a HUGE theme at AU2007

Denise Mikroulis, Lisa Crounse,  and Katy Evans and the Matt Murphy Clay Head Sculpture

A shot from the Augi Top Daug Competition

AUGI Top DAUG Competiton

AU 2008 - The Venetian, Las Vegas

Lunch time again. Birds of a Feather lunch

AU 2008 Birds of a Feather Lunch

Navigating the many levels.

AU 2008

AU 2010 - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The exhibit hall grows each year.

Autodesk Labs

The author and Kate Morrical at the Media & Blogger Social.

Media & Blogger Social

Empty hallway - soon to be filled....

A dark shot from the General Session

AU2011 - The Venetian, Las Vegas

What will happen this year?

How do I know this is my seventh year? I just count the Augi Mugs.

Hey, I'm not done yet! Do you want to see more AU photos? Shaan has literally hundreds more over here. You might even be in one or more of them.


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