Annotative objects in different locations?

Annotative objects have been part of AutoCAD now since the 2008 release, but if you use them infrequently you may have some questions on how certain things work.

One question that I see frequently is related to the ability for annotative objects to have different locations based on the scale. In the example shown here, I have an annotative Mleader, shown in magenta in each viewport. One viewport is scaled 1"=10' and the other is 1"=50' (the actual scales are not important, but just note that they vary quite a bit in this example).

Note that the plotted text height is the same in each viewport. After all, that is the beauty of annotative objects. But did you notice anything else? In the left viewport, the Mleader text is below and to the right of the larger red circle. In the right viewport, the Mleader text is above and to the left of the larger red circle. This is an important characteristic of annotative objects, especially objects like text and Mleaders. If the magenta text simple enlarged in place to fit the 1"=50 viewport, it would be on top of the other circles. Below is the view in model space, where you can see the different sizes and locations of the text.

So what is the big deal? Well, if you are not aware of this ability and you are working in a strange drawing, with multiple annotation scales, it could be a little difficult to figure out what is going on, when you have what you think is the same object, showing up in multiple locations.

Depending on the situation, it may be appropriate to simply reset the location of the annotative objects so that they all match. To do this, select the annotative object, and find the menu item shown below. This calls the ANNORESET command which moves all alternate scale representations to the location of the object’s current scale representation.

Be sure you want to do this though, because the U and UNDO commands do NOT undo this action.


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