New - AutoCAD WS 1.4

Autodesk presented a webinar this morning to review the new version of AutoCAD WS 1.4 that is now available for download. If you are not aware of it, AutoCAD WS is a free web and mobile application for viewing and editing DWG files stored in the cloud. The "cloud" in this sense generally refers to storage space allocated to the user by Autodesk, but it was reminded to us that the "cloud" can mean other things such as SharePoint, Buzzsaw, and even your own servers, with the proper setup. It was even hinted that we might see some object enablers appear soon for WS.

ISM Technical Marketing Manager Kate Morrical presented a list of the top five reasons to use AutoCAD WS.

  • Access DWG files while you (or your colleague) are on the road.
  • Connect directly to enterprise data, not necessarily using the Autodesk cloud either.
  • Files can be edited while offline.
  • Seamless integration with AutoCAD
  • It's FREE, and available for multiple platforms.

    Here is a quick summary of the new features in AutoCAD WS 1.4

  • GPS Integration
    • Access to the built in location services in the iOS or Android device
    • For non-spatial oriented drawings, you can set your own relative location.
    • Geo Settings screen in AutoCAD WS 1.4
  • 3D Viewing
    • Access preconfigured and/or freestyle 3D views
    • View in solid or wireframe mode.
    • 3D viewing screen in AutoCAD WS 1.4
  • Print to PDF or DWF

Learn more about AutoCAD WS and these new features here:



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