One of the new features you have probably noticed in AutoCAD 2012 is the new command line capabilities. When you start typing something in, AutoCAD automatically starts searching to help you finish the thought. Did you know you can configure how this works?

Run the AUTOCOMPLETE command and take a look at the options.

  • Append  - Controls whether or not AutoCAD attempts to complete the command or system variable you have started to enter (see image below).
  • List - Controls whether or not the popup list of probable matches appears (see image below).
  • Icon - Controls whether or not icons are used for commands at the command line (see image below).
  • System Variables - Controls whether or not system variables are included in the Append and Lisp features.
  • Delay - Controls the amount of time before the Append or List action starts. 
  • On & Off - Controls operation of the entire feature.

Below is an image showing the options of this command. In this example, I typed in "auto", and after the delay time, the List appears with any command or system variable that begins with "auto", and the Append feature fills in the first command in the list (the list is in alphabetical order).

Note that if you disable List and Append, you get the same effect as turning the entire feature off.

typical image of Autocomplete


So what do you think about this feature? Do you like it, do you turn it off, do you disable some part of it?




I like AUTOCOMPLETE a lot, it might be the best feature of 2012. I can find commands or sysvars that I may not use all the time. With wild cards it is quick and easy to narrow the list down to a manageable number of choices.

Thanks for mentioning the use of wild cards. That is a good tip also.

It might be worth mentioning some ways wildcards can be used with AUTOCOMPLETE. Lets say someone knows they want to fade something in their file but can't remember the command. By typing "fade" nothing will be found, but typing "*fade*" will show any command/sysvar that has fade in the name. Everyone should start the AUTOCOMPLETE command and set the options available to their liking (watch the command line or DYNamic display for those choices). Likewise, typing "*ctl" will show all commands ending in ctl.


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