Civil 3D Quick Profile

A Quick overview of Quick Profile in Civil 3D

Below is a simple animation of creating a quick profile in Civil 3D. No, this is not a new feature, but there are new Civil 3D users every day - and if you have never seen or used this feature - this may help you out.

  1. Start by drawing a line or polyline at the location you want to profile.
  2. Select the new object, right click and choose Quick Profile
  3. A dialog will appear, where you can select one or more surfaces to profile, the profile style for each surface, and the profile grid style.
  4. Pick the LL point for the profile grid.
  5. At this point you can move and perform some edits to the original line or polyline - this will update the profile as shown.
  6. Note that at the end of the animation, when the line is erased - the profile is erased also. Quick profiles are temporary!

Leave a comment and let me know what you do with Quick Profile


If you type the command CreateQuickProfile you are able to pick points, no need to draw a line first. Also a quick profile does not need to be a straight line. Another option which is not very known, is if you have drawn a 3D polyline, and you pick that 3D line as baseline of the quick profile, it shows an option to create a profile of that line. You'll have two profiles then, one surface profile and one entity profile.

It is also possible to program an application which creates a quick profile which will stay in the drawing, like this:

Thanks for that additional info!

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