Using Math with Fields

Here is a little tip on using math in fields that reference other fields. How could this help you? Let's look at an example where we will create a field that shows us 1/3 of the length of a line.

  • Run the FIELD command.
  • Under "Field Category", choose Objects, then choose "Formula" for the "Field Name".
  • Right click in the Formula area and choose "Insert Field". 

  • A second Field dialog will appear. Select "Object", pick the select button then select the line.

  • When the dialog returns choose "Length" as the property and click OK to close this dialog.
  • Now back to the original Field dialog. It should look like the one shown below, where the length of the line is shown with a grey background (so you know it's a field). My line length is 8.9216.

  • Place your cursor at the end of this field, add a space, and then add the math formula. In this example, I'll add * 0.3333, to get 1/3 of the length.
  • Now press the "Evaluate" button and the look in the upper right of the dialog. The result of your formula will be displayed.

  • Press OK to place the field in the drawing. I used the additional format button to add a text prefix to mine.

This same process holds true for just about any type of numeric field. It could be a sheet set property or a system variable. Unfortunately Dates do not work with math using this process. But there is another way to use math with dates in fields, stay tuned for a post on how to do this.




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