Quick Properties issue in Civil 3D 2013

For certain tasks in Civil 3D, I have Quick Properties (QP) enabled. I started noticing in 2013 that when QP is enabled and I select an entity, the focus is removed from the AutoCAD window. In other words, the crosshairs change to the pointer. So if I want to pick a Grip or a command on the contextual ribbon - it requires an extra pick. One pick to restore focus to the window and a second pick to activate the grip or menu item.

In this image, the manhole is selected, QP is visible, and the crosshairs have been replaced by the standard windows pointer.

I know one extra click sounds trivial, but when you have been doing this stuff for years, introducing an extra click disrupts the rhythm, learned movements, whatever you want to call it associated with the task at hand.

I have reported this to Autodesk support, but have yet to receive a reply. A colleague in the Autodesk discussion groups verified this behavior and reported it also. He did receive a reply from Autodesk support saying that this is a known issue and they "are targeting a fix for the 2014 release".

It was also verified that this bug only occurs when you select Civil 3D entities (alignment, profile view, pipe network, etc.) and it also exists in Civil 3D 2012. If your selection includes both a Civil 3D entity and a plain AutoCAD entity (line, arc, text, etc.) then the extra click is not required.

If you have noticed this behavior also, I encourage you to submit a case through your subscription support.


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