Unresolved partial menus in AutoCAD

Many of you know we are a huge advocate of using Process Monitor to watch file and registry activity when you detect a slow down problem in an application. We ran across a case recently where the AutoCAD cursor was very "sticky" feeling as the user moved it around on the screen. Closer inspection revealed that the cursor would pause for a moment whenever it passed over an entity. We tried a new empty, no template drawing and constructed a single line. Same problem existed, so we were pretty confident this was not a drawing problem, but rather a application problem. You can imagine the frustration when working in a busy drawing where just about any movement of the cursor resulting in it passing over some entity.

In this case using Process Monitor, we were able to see that AutoCAD was looking for a particular CUIX (menu) file, every single time the cursor passed over an object, over and over and over. Why was it looking for this particular menu file? Who knows? I suspect that whenever the AutoCAD cursor passes over an object in a drawing, it is looking for information about that entity. Whatever the reason, the saved path to this particular menu file was on a slow secondary hard drive and the delay was especially noticeable.

In the animation below, watch for the cyan highlighted lines to appear in Process Monitor as the pickbox passes over the line. (The PM window was made very small to keep the animation size to a minimum)

Removing this partial menu from the main CUIX seems to have solved the problem. The partial menu was from a 3rd party add on that had been removed. But for whatever reason the reference to the partial menu file was NOT removed. So use caution when removing add-ons to make sure there are no "Unresolved" partial menus left hanging on. To check for this yourself, just run the CUI command and scroll down to and expand the Partial menus section. Any "Unresolved" menus will say so with the word "Unresolved".

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