Update on the AutoCAD 2008 trial downloads (some of these are available in the U.S. and Canada only)

Read more about AutoCAD 2008 Free Downloads

In previous AutoCAD versions, if you wanted to create a table that was linked to a spreadsheet, you had to either use an OLE link or use a 3rd party tool. New to 2008 is a "Data Link" feature. This almost certainly replaces OLE linked objects, and may or may not replace 3rd party tools.

Start by creating the data link using the Data Link Manager. Click on "Create a New Excel Data Link" Read more about AutoCAD 2008 Data Links

The instructions for a silent install of Design Review 2008 are exactly as those posted for Design Review 2007. Read more about Design Review 2008 Silent Install

DWG TrueView 2008 is available for download. If you want to read more about it and fill out a form prior to downloading, go to http://www.autodesk.com/dwgtrueview Read more about DWG TrueView 2008


An AutoCAD 2007/2008 compatible version of ScriptPro has finally been released. According to Bud Schroeder, ScriptPro is the same, but it was removed from the CCSETUP.EXE install. You can download ScriptPro for AutoCAD 2007/2008 at the following URL: http://www.autodesk.com/migrationtools Read more about ScriptPro for AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD 2008

AutoCAD 2008 adds some new features to spell checking. Read more about AutoCAD 2008 Spell Check

Another new feature to AutoCAD 2008 is the ability to perform an inverted xclip. Inverted clip meaning that the data "inside" the area you select is clipped out as compared to an ordinary XCLIP where the data "outside" the selected area is clipped. Microstation has had this for a while, so it's good to see it finally added to AutoCAD. Read more about AutoCAD 2008 Xclip

Starting with 2008, there is no "Deployment Wizard" any longer, at least as a separate application that you have to install. So how do you build the deployment if there is no deployment wizard? You'll see not long after you insert the DVD into the drive.

deployment dialog Read more about AutoCAD 2008 Network deployment

If you are planning on upgrading to AutoCAD 2008 32-bit, and you have existing LISP, VBA, or ARX programs, will they work? Generally speaking, yes. You may have to make a minor adjustment to your code, but for the most part there shouldn't be any problems.

If you are planning on upgrading to AutoCAD 2008 64-bit, then you may have some decisions to make and/or work to do... Read more about AutoCAD 2008 - Will my programs work?

Have you ever set a system variable and then you are working along and that sysvar is changed to a different value? Many people will ask how or why it "changed itself", which obviously it can't do. Of course what is really going on is a program, whether it be an internally defined command, or a lisp/VBA/ARX routine, has changed it. Read more about System Variables changing on their own?



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