What a week at Autodesk University 2012 in Las Vegas. More than 7,000 AU attendees were present for the event, now in its 20th year. Many of those 7,000 gathered Tuesday morning for the main stage, keynote session featuring the following speakers.

  • Jeff Kowalski, Chief Technology Officer, Autodesk: @jeff_kowalski
  • Dezsö Molnár, co-founder of Molnari, Inc., developer of the Gyrocycle.
  • Christine Furstoss, Technical Director for Manufacturing and Materials Technologies at GE.
  • Schuyler St. Leger, young designer, speaker, and maker: @DocProfSky
  • Carl Bass, President and Chief Executive Officer, Autodesk: @carlbass
  • Lynn Allen, Technical Evangelist, Autodesk: @lynn_allen

images of the AU2012 General Session Speakers

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Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and R.K. McSwain at the Expert Elite Lunch, Las Vegas, NV, 2012-11-28
Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and R.K. McSwain at the Expert Elite Lunch, Las Vegas, NV, 2012-11-28<br />


One of the events at AU2012 was a special luncheon on Wed., Nov 28. to announce the creation of the Expert Elite group, a select group of individual community members who have been recognized for their extraordinary contributions, helping customers by sharing knowledge, providing community leadership, and exemplifying an engaging style of collaboration that drives a healthy and valuable Autodesk customer community.

I was honored to be included among this groups initial members, composed of approximately sixty worldwide members. If you participate in the Autodesk forums, you may have noticed the term "Expert Elite" in use on some of the user titles. We have been empowered to better share our knowledge, while supporting our peers and the Autodesk Community in general. Read more about Autodesk Expert Elite group

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Service Pack 1 is now available for download! This Service Pack includes all previous hotfixes for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013. It also includes the fixes included in AutoCAD 2013 Service Pack 1.1 and AutoCAD Map 3D 2013 Service Pack 1. 

Thank you Autodesk! I have not installed it yet, but I'm looking forward to this fix -> "In drawings with a custom UCS, switching from the model tab to the layout tab will no longer reset model tab to isometric."

How do I know this has been fixed without installing the SP? It's in the readme file, which is a good idea to read anyway in case there are install notes or other things to be aware of. Hopefully there won't be a recall of this SP or anything like that. There is also an issue regarding the toolspace and parcels, which did NOT get fixed. If you suffer from this bug, I have posted the temporary fix/workaround in message 9 in that discussion group thread

I have now installed the SP and confirmed it by running the ABOUT command.

screenshot of the About dialog showing the current product level

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Stay tuned for some reviews of what's happening this week at AU early next week. Meanwhile, since I'm running light with the hardware here, you can check out the latest real-time activities by checking out the cadpanacea twitter feed.

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Let's see. Been up since 3:30am, Southwest Airlines managed to delay my flight by 100 minutes, but thanks to allowing plenty of time, I made it and we're getting ready to get started here at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for AU 2012.

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It's been a busy summer and fall 2012, you may have noticed fewer posts here than normal. Things are going to pick up starting Monday, the first day of AU2012. We'll be in Las Vegas blogging and tweeting, live from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

Here is some recent AU2012 news from Shaan Hurley over at Between the Lines.

If you are attending AU and this is your first time, try to make the Freshman Orientation, Monday, November 26, 5:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. 

Freshman or not, the AU survival tips are always good to read, and practice.

See you next week!

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Autodesk has published a knowledge base article describing the products which are currently supported on Windows 8.

The article is pretty short, essentially two sentences. But those two sentences are very interesting.

  1. Autodesk intends to support many of our key products on Windows 8 and will add additional products to the list of products supported on Windows 8 as updates and future versions are released.
  2. Product Support will provide its best effort to assist customers who have issues with products that are not currently supported.

So, it looks like more products will be supported, going even back to 2010 versions, and they will provide some support for products that are not "officially supported". The full KB article is here.

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With regard to Civil 3D Cogo Points, you probably know that the point labels include a "Dragged State", the properties of which take over when you drag the point label away from the point location.

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Autodesk University Logo

Registration is ongoing for AU2012 and you have about a week to get in for the discounted price. Starting October 15, 2012, the price of the 3-day conference pass will increase by US$500.

If you are attending, are you an AU seasoned veteran or a first timer? Either way, check out the resources below.

If you can't make it to Nevada, do you know about AU Virtual? AU Virtual 2011 had "Over 10,000 people from 100 countries ....registered and viewing classes on AU Virtual", according to #AutodeskU

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Even though we are in the era of the Ribbon, you may still want to use certain toolbars. Here are 3 ways to access toolbars

  • If you have ANY docked toolbar visible, right click in an empty toolbar area (but not on a visible toolbar), and from there you can choose a toolbar from the menu that appears. Each loaded menugroup will be listed
  • If you do not have any docked toolbars but your Ribbon is enabled, go to the View tab on the Ribbon and find the User Interface panel, then the Toolbars dropdown. Choose the toolbar you want here.
  • Lastly, you can use the command line method, using the -TOOLBAR command (note the leading hyphen). When you use -TOOLBAR, you must know the exact toolbar name you want to make visible, but this command has many options. You can dock the toolbar or make it floating. If you make it floating, you can specify the exact location using screen coordinates. If you accept the defaults location (0,0) the toolbar will appear in the upper left corner of your primary monitor. If you want to specify a different location, be aware that the values increase as you move left and down. So if you specify a location of 300,500, the toolbar will be placed 300 pixels to the left and 500 pixels below the upper left corner of your primary monitor.


Of course the power of the -TOOLBAR command is that you can script this using a menu macro or lisp routine to place multiple toolbars exactly where you want to. If you watch the prompts on the -TOOLBAR command, you'll see that you can hide toolbars also, so it's possible to setup some shortcuts to show and hide various toolbars - which should be quicker than switching workspaces. Read more about Showing and Hiding AutoCAD Toolbars



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