How would you like to win a new Dell workstation? Cadalyst Magazine, Dell, and Microsoft have teamed up to bring us a video contest titled "Don't Let IT Limit Your Potential, and the grand prize is a new Dell workstation, configured by Cadalyst for your needs, AND one copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2013! (up to a US$5,000 total value!). Not bad for making a video, right? Read more about Video contest - Win a Dell Workstation

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Are you getting a Cadalyst newsletter? I know your inbox is full, but these really are valuable. I am kind of partial to the Cadalyst Tips & Tools Weekly, which includes Hot Tip Harry and an assortment of other tips and tricks, but there is about a dozen other available newsletters also, including Robert Green's CAD Manager newsletter.

Click here to view a list of newsletters and to sign up. If you really don't want any more email, you can still access this content by clicking on the Past Issues link for most of the newsletters. Read more about Do you know about the Cadalyst newsletters?

Using certain browsers with certain security settings, if you have tried to visit the Cadalyst web site or forums in the last couple of days, you may have received a message saying that the Cadalyst domain was an "attack site".

The fact of the matter is that on Friday, May 7, 2010, the news feed that Cadalyst picks up from carried a link to malware, so Google has flagged the entire Cadalyst domain with a warning (seen above) that you may see in your browser.

Rest assured that Cadalyst has cleared up the problem and then filed a request with Google to remove the warning. As of this morning, it still shows up when using Firefox (v3.5.9) and Chrome (v4.1.249.1064). Until Google gets this cleared up, I suggest using IE8 to visit, as it does not show this false warning.

UPDATE: Issue resolved. See comment below. Read more about Cadalyst Web Site


Ok, not exactly in lights, but in print! Seriously, do you have a time saving tip, technique, or code that you would like to share? Submit it to Cadalyst and have it published in Tips and Tools Weekly (subscribe here), or maybe in the monthly Hot Tip Harry feature.

Don't be shy, there are tips from reminders about commands to complex autolisp routines, and everything in between (yes, there is even some VBA code). If you are looking for a routine, you can also find almost 10 years of previously published code at What if you are having problems with some existing code? Drop into the one of the many forums out there, including Augi, CadTutor, and of course the Hot Tip Harry forum at Cadalyst, and ask some of the pros.

Here is the Hot Tip Harry code for 2010: April 2010 | March 2010 | February 2010 | January 2010

Use the Bold link above to submit your tip/code or you can send it directly to Read more about Get your name in lights

Cadalyst Magazine

I last reported on the state of Cadalyst last February, just prior to the move to their new publisher, Longitude Media, LLC. and most other electronic forms of publication remained unchanged, however the future of the printed magazine was undetermined.

Fast forward to Autodesk University, December 2009, Cadalyst successfully "re-launches" the print version. Learn more about the new Cadalyst magazine here.

Return of Hot Tip Harry

Starting with the return of the print version, I have agreed to work with Cadalyst to perform the duties of "Hot Tip Harry". Currently, I will be working with the editors to compile and publish your tips in the Hot Tip Harry column. I will also be moderating the Hot Tip Harry CAD forum at Feel free to drop by the forums and ask a question, answer a question, or just say hello.

If you want to submit a tip for Hot Tip Harry or for the CadTips site at Cadalyst, please visit this page for the submission guidelines and a link. You can also submit your code to

  Read more about The return of Cadalyst print and a new Hot Tip Harry

Cadalyst lives on!

Beginning March 1, Cadalyst will move forward under the direction of a new company, Longitude Media. For the immediate future, Cadalyst readers should notice little change on the surface, at least on the digital side. All aspects of will remain largely unchanged for now. All e-newsletters will continue to publish uninterrupted. On the print side, the immediate production schedule of the magazine is up in the air for now as the now available resources are evaluated, however Nancy Johnson, editor-in-chief, says that it is their goal to continue print publishing soon. Nancy also said "As we move ahead, we'll strive to refine and strengthen our focus, continually improve our products, and create resources that are better than ever for our audience and advertisers alike."

  Read more about Cadalyst Lives on!


Cadalyst magazine has been abandoned by Questex Media Group. Roopinder Tara broke the story earlier today on It looks like a buyout may be in the works by existing staff.

  Read more about Cadalyst Magazine abandoned by Questex Media Group


Questex Media Group, Inc. announced last week that Cadalyst magazine will become a bimonthly publication starting with the January/February 2009 edition. Do you receive the print edition now? If so, what do you think of this move? Read more about Cadalyst publication schedule / Cadalyst CAD tips

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Autodesk University 2007 is over. There were a lot of good classes, and a couple that....well, I'll get to that later...

Here were some of my favorites.


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