So if you think this post look familiar, you are right. This originally ran back in 2009, but it was very popular and I wanted to update it and run it again so that it is at the top. I'm sure it will be new to a few people too.

How many of these do you know? How many do you use? What is your favorite "obscure" AutoCAD command or system variable? Leave a comment. Read more about 10 AutoCAD commands you have either forgotten or never knew (Update)

One of the new features you have probably noticed in AutoCAD 2012 is the new command line capabilities. When you start typing something in, AutoCAD automatically starts searching to help you finish the thought. Did you know you can configure how this works?

Run the AUTOCOMPLETE command and take a look at the options. Read more about AutoCAD AUTOCOMPLETE command

I was recently alerted, by a thread in the CADTutor forums, to a change made in AutoCAD LT. The SAVE command now performs a QSAVE. If that doesn't make sense to you, take a look at this post from 2008 for more details.

Essentially, the SAVE command is supposed to save the current drawing to a different name but without changing to the new drawing. So if you are working on A.DWG and you run the SAVE command and give it the name B.DWG, then B.DWG is created as a copy of A.DWG, but you are still working on A.DWG.

AutoCAD LT Technical Marketing Manager, Kate Morrical confirmed that this change is by design and not a bug, and told me that this was actually introduced in AutoCAD LT 2011. I found it strange that this change was not implemented in AutoCAD at the same time. This could not be a wishlist item, and I do not understand what is gained by removing existing functionality. Read more about AutoCAD LT - Save command has changed

Ok, I know many of you know some of these, maybe even a few that know about all of them, but there are new AutoCAD users every day... Some of these are old and some are new.

So what is your favorite "obscure" command?

  1. CONVERTPOLY (R14-R2010) - This undocumented command will allow you to convert "heavy" polylines to LWPOLYLINE's and vice versa. "Heavy" polylines are the pre-R14 version. They still have uses today, and the PLINETYPE system variable controls what gets created by default.
  2. DBLIST (Version 2.0 - R2010) - This command will list every entity in the drawing. Useful when you think you have some entities that are not showing up. You can erase everything visible and then run DBLIST to see what else is still there.


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