Shape files

Do you have the need to import GIS data, typically ESRI SHP files*, into Civil 3D? Are you still doing it the old way with map queries? Take a look at this tutorial over at Civil 3D for Beginners titled Quick and Dirty GIS Surface Import.

It explains how to import an ESRI SHP file directly into Civil 3D as a Surface. This will save you a lot of time compared to the old method. Even though the article mentions version 2012, it also works in version 2011.

There are actually quite a few good articles to explore while you are over there. Have fun.

*Otherwise known as shape files, but not to be confused with AutoCAD shape files that are typically used in linetypes. Read more about Import GIS data into Civil 3D

If you have ever imported an ESRI SHP file containing polygons using the ._MAPIMPORT command, and the polygons came in filled, you may have wondered how to turn off this fill.

SHP file polygons, filled

Use the ._POLYDISPLAY command to enable or disable the fill on these MPOLYGON objects.

Enter mpolygon display mode [Edges only/Fill only/Both] : _E

SHP file polygons, edges only

If for some reason, you don't want MPOLYGON objects, you can control the default object import type (MPOLYGON vs. closed polyline) by running the MAPUSEMPOLYGON command.

Enter new value for MAPUSEMPOLYGON : _OFF
 Read more about SHP file polygons


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