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In Civil 3D 2014 and 2015, when you switch to a layout you may notice that the "Layout Tools" contextual tab appears. If you want to stop this behavior, follow these steps. Read more about Stop "Layout Tools" tab from appearing in Civil 3D

Autodesk has released AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Service Pack 4. Be sure to read the download page and the readme file.
One thing to note is that you must have already installed Service Pack 3 and Service Pack 2.1 Read more about AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Service Pack 4 is now available

Previously we reported an issue in AutoCAD where imported DGN linetypes caused DWG file bloat. Soon afterwards a hotfix was released, but then pulled due to a potential data loss issue.

A revised hotfix for 2013 was released about a month later.

Autodesk has now made available the same hotfix for 2012 versions. The hotfix creates a command for cleaning up bloated files, and it also prevents the data from being copied during a copy+paste action. Read more about DGN linetype hotfix for 2012

I have been recently running across AutoCAD DWG files that contain hundreds of non-purgable linetypes, some with strange names, some that appear to be nested in mysterious blocks, etc. With help from the Autodesk Forums and some independent research, I became pretty sure these were created by importing Microstation DGN files.

Read more about Purging unwanted linetype bloat

Does your AutoCAD recent file list work for you, or does it fill up with seemingly random .DST (sheet set) files instead of the last .DWG files that you worked on? The latter is documented all over the Autodesk forums, here is one such thread, dated back to 2008 (yes, it has been an issue for that long). In another thread, Jeff Mishler from Quux Software has provided a standalone application (at no cost) to help you manage your recent documents list.

The AutoCAD Recent Documents List Manager allows you to select and remove items from this list easily. Below is a screen shot of this app. Read more about Managing the AutoCAD Recent Documents List

Below is a list of known issues in Civil 3D. Some of these may be inherited from AutoCAD. Always confirm issues for yourself since there are many variables at play. PLEASE report any additions or corrections needed by leaving a comment with as much detail as possible.


Product Version Description Addressed?
Civil 3D 2013 When LAYERDLGMODE = 1, if you do not have the option "Apply layer filter to layer toolbar" checked on, then layer filters do not work in the layer manager. Broken in 2013 and 2014. Fixed in 2015
Civil 3D 2013 When you insert a point from the Survey database, it automatically zooms you to that point. But the zoom level is way too small (viewsize = 0.0002). There is no way to control this. Broken in 2013. Seems to be fixed in 2015, more testing needed to confirm.
Civil 3D 2013-2015 With the system variable "Startup" set to 1, when you start Civil 3D and select a sheet set from the list of recent files, Civil 3D will continue to open, but the sheet set is not loaded in the SSM palette. No
Civil 3D 2013 With the system variable "Startup" set to 2, start Civil 3D and open a sheet set from the recent files on the application menu. Try to open a drawing from the SSM (Civil 3D is still in a zero-document state at this point). Multiple fatal errors ensue. Fixed in 2014
Civil 3D 2013-2015 With the following system varibles set like this [Startup = 1, SSMAUTOOPEN = 1, SSLOCATE = 1], if you select a .dwg file to open from the startup dialog, the .dwg file opens fine, but the related sheet set (if any) does not load in the SSM palette. No
Civil 3D 2013 The recent files list in the application menu, and in the Startup dialog box (if enabled) always floats sheet set files (.dst) to the top (even old ones), forcing recent .dwg files off the list. No
Civil 3D 2013 Under certain conditions, when switching from a layout to model space, the ucs in MS changes by itself. Fixed in 2013 SP1
Civil 3D 2013 If you click a column header to sort the parcel listing in the prospector, the list disappears. More info and a workaround here. Fixed in 2013 SP2
Civil 3D 2013 When plotting from model space, and using the window selection method, if you zoom with the scroll wheel while picking your window in the graphics window, you get an error and have to press ESC several times to get out of a loop. Some people report that the loop is impossible to get out without killing AutoCAD. Fixed in 2013 SP2
Civil 3D 2013 Under certain conditions, layer names in the layer properties manager palette (LayerDlgMode = 1) will be seemingly 'double-spaced'. Closing and opening the layer properties manager palette will generally restore the smaller spacing between layer names. Forum post with screenshots. No
Civil 3D Unknown-2015 If you open a drawing that contains only a dynamic block, you are prompted to go directly into the block editor. While in the block editor, if you make changes to the block definition and click "Save Block", then "Close Block Editor", the block editor AND the drawing closes, without saving your changes to the DWG file. No
Civil 3D 2011-2013 When labeling contours using the ._AeccAddContourLabeling command while the CURRENT layer is locked, you can only draw the first tangent segment worth of labels and subsequent segments are ignored. Workaround is to make sure the current layer is not locked. No
Civil 3D 2007-2013 At certain times, the Profile and/or Alignment Layout Tool (sort of like a toolbar) will appear but all the tools will be grayed out. The current 6 year+ workaround is to shut down Civil 3D and restart it. No
Civil 3D 2013 When exporting to DXF format, you must remove the geographic location assigned to the drawing before you create the DXF file. Otherwise the DXF file will not open, even with Autodesk products Seems to work OK in 2014 and later
Civil 3D ????-2014 Within a surface style, if the point color is set to something specific then any other component set to BYBLOCK will also change to match the point color. No
Civil 3D 2014 Surface analysis results are lost during a rebuilt or synchronization. Autodesk says this change from earlier versions is "as designed". More info here. 2014 SP1 Readme says YES. Not tested by us.
Civil 3D & Map 3D 2014 MAPIMPORT or MAPEXPORT does not work. Autodesk has provided a manually applied workaround, available here. Yes and No
Civil 3D All? Toolbox->Station Offset to Points report. There is no way to sort the report on any column. Might be considered a missing feature, but the grid control in the dialog contains standard click-able headers that in any other dialog, DO perform a sort. No
Civil 3D 2014 When you synchronize a pipe network reference, pipe styles will reset to the "Default" pipe style. More info here, including a workaround. Fixed in 2015 SP1
Civil 3D 2014 The medians crossing centerline use to work, now it doesn't. Autodesk Support has been confirmed as defective. (Details here). No
Civil 3D 2007-2014? OverlayMillAndLevel2 Subassembly issues (Details here). No
Civil 3D 2014 Structural Material Volume Shapes issues (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2014 When using Profiles from Corridor Feature Lines the Intersection Wizard produces the following message at the end of the process, and cannot lock the Secondary Profile to match the Primary Road Profile. (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2014 Formula colums for simply computing ItemQTY*Item Cost in a Data Extraction table for a current project do not work. (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2014 Intersection widening profile blows up upon horizontal editing. (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2014 The Override Maximum Slope option is not working. It is not pinning the daylight slope to the Target surface at the ROW. (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2014 The Section Editor is not turning off layers in Section View. It is showing all sorts of skewed entities. (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2014 Daylight Standard is not creating a ditch when the Cut Test point is calculated to be below the target surface. (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2009-2014 Various QTO issues (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2013-2014 Adding a subassembly to a LinktoMarkPoint subassembly that is located on an Offset Assembly causes a fulll software crash in Civil 3D. (Details here) No
Civil 3D 2013-2014 Civil 3D will reproject images inserted using MAPIINSERT on the fly, ignoring the UNITS field in a GeoTIFF header. (See comments for more details) No
Civil 3D 2014 If C3D 2014 is installed from the IDSP suite, as soon as you copy or create a new workspace it's corrupted. This corruption causes profile views to no longer show line weights correctly and sometimes the right click menus to default back to base ACAD. No
Civil 3D 2014 If you add superelevation to an alignment that is a baseline for a corridor, the Alignment from Corridor no longer works correctly during the curve. Only a straight segment is created from the corridor feature line. No
Civil 3D 2015 By default, the path "C:\program files\autodesk\autocad 2015\map\support\en-us" is omitted from the support file search path during installation, which causes the MAPOPTIONS command to display only at the command line instead of using a dialog box. More info here and here No.
Civil 3D 2015 Survey Database edited and/or created with 2015 cannot be opened by a previous version of C3D. [Ref] No.
Civil 3D 2015 Delete a survey figure from the panorama results in a crash and the figure(s) not deleted. [Ref] No.
Civil 3D 2015 Map support path not created on install, resulting in Map commands not working. [Ref] No.
Civil 3D 2015 MAPIINSERT still not reading the GeoTIFF header UNITS at all, resulting in some images in US survey feet being brought in as meters. [Ref] No.
Civil 3D 2015 Material Take Off computes the half areas of the materials, when you have more than one baselines. [Ref] No.
AutoCAD 2015 Cannot copy a layout by selecting a layout tab, hold CTRL and drag left or right. [Ref] No.
Civil 3D 2013?-2015 Manage > Import Styles command does not work correctly. Some styles are not imported. Some settings are not imported. Object Layers are ignored. Certain text style settings are ignored. No.
AutoCAD 2015 Hatch objects do not honor the XDWGDFADECTL system varible, so they do not fade in xrefs. Fixed in AutoCAD 2015 SP1, which also fixes Suites that include AutoCAD.
Civil 3D 2006-2015 If you use the built-in command LAYMRG to merge layers that are used in Civil 3D styles, the styles become corrupt. What actually happens is the layer entry in style becomes blank. Running AUDIT will set this empty layer to layer "0" for some but not necessarily all of the corrupt styles. See this for more detail. No.
Civil 3D 2013-2015 Creating a traverse in the Survey DB will not allow you to save the results to a file or the DB. If you close the editor all data is lost. This bug exists in 2013-15. If you have 2012 this option works and IMO is your best bet. No.
Civil 3D
last updated 29 AUG 2014

  Read more about AutoCAD & Civil 3D known issues

A common problem I see in Civil 3D on is hard to read text in the Text Component Editor, as shown here.

This can be caused by a feature in Windows called ClearText. Here is how to change that setting in Windows 7. Read more about Text hard to read in the Civil 3D text component editor?

Have you even run into a problem in AutoCAD (or a vertical such as Civil 3D), that you can't figure out such as a drawing behaving strange, commands not acting right, commands not working, or maybe even the whole application just won't launch? One of the first things I would suggest is to have someone new log onto your machine and launch AutoCAD under their Windows profile, essentially creating a new "AutoCAD Windows Profile". If the problem goes away when you do this, then it is probably some error or corruption in your own "AutoCAD Windows Profile". Read more about Reset your AutoCAD Windows Profile

There is a bug in Civil 3D 2013 that occurs when you try to sort the parcels in the Prospector. Normally, you can click on a column header and sort the table by that column, but if you do this with Parcels, the entire list goes away. Closing and restarting Civil 3D does not help, and neither does rebooting the entire machine. Here is a before and after screen shot. Notice the little sort arrow in the Name header does not appear in the Before shot, but it does appear after clicking on the Name header in the After shot. Read more about Civil 3D Parcel Sorting

This is a quick tutorial on adding and using User Defined Properties for Civil 3D cogo points, and we will create a new expression for use in our point label style. I’m starting with the stock template provided with Civil 3D 2013. Create a single point whose point style is Storm Sewer Manhole, and whose point label style is “Point#-Elevation-Description”

plain cogo point with label

  Read more about Civil 3D User Defined Properties



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