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Philip Schmelzer from Autodesk has posted the direct download links to DWG Trueview 2014, 32-bit and 64-bit.

These are direct links to the full install EXE file, no download manager, no pre-installer, or anything like that. Read more about DWG Trueview 2014 Direct Download Links

If you are about to install DWG Trueview 2013, or you are in the process of doing so and are running into problems, read on. Read more about DWG TrueView 2013 Install Help

DWG TrueView 2013 is available for download here. If you do not want to download and use the Akamai download manager currently required on the Autodesk DWG TrueView page, there are direct download links listed here on this JTB World blog post. Read more about DWG TrueView 2013 Free download

This is an update to an earlier post regarding Design Review 2012.

Design Review image

The normal download link is just a small file that runs locally and then downloads the rest of the application at run time. If you would like to download the entire package including DWG Trueview for later deployment, the direct link is http://download.autodesk.com/akdlm/esd/dlm/designreview/2012/en-us/SetupDesignReview2012_bundle.exe. This is ±662 MB download.

While you are waiting for that to download, take a look at the installation guide for information on silent installs. Read more about Autodesk Design Review and DWG Trueview 2012

If you want to download the complete package containing DWG Trueview 2011 and Design Review 2011, and you don't want to wade through a dozen or so different web pages, etc., then here is a direct link.

DWG Trueview 2011 and Design Review 2011 Read more about DWG Trueview and Design Review 2011 direct download

Back in August 2008, Robert Krumenacher told us how to perform a silent install of DWG Trueview 2009 and its dependencies with minimal effort.

So I finally got around to messing with DWG Trueview 2010, and the same method does not work. I have learned through and Volker Joseph that it is just not possible to perform a silent (or unattended) install using the .EXE file like we were able to with 2009.

If your machines already include all the dependencies, like .NET 3.5 SP1, etc., then you can deploy the .MSI file itself silently, but if you install the .MSI without all the dependencies, Trueview will not launch.

Without a Net recently published the info necessary to silently deploy Design Review 2010, although it is basically showing you how to install the dependency components individually along with the main application. Based on my tests, it looks like you can simply install the MSI for Design Review on a machine that already has a proper install of Trueview 2010 since the dependencies are already installed. Read more about DWG Trueview 2010 silent install

DWG Trueview is a standalone program that allows you to view and print AutoCAD DWG files. There are limited measuring tools also included. It also includes a feature to convert DWG files between versions. You cannot edit or save DWG files using this tool. The latest version of this application is DWG Trueview 2010. 
DWG Trueview is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Direct download links are given below.
32-bit DWG Trueview download (±157MB) Read more about DWG TrueView 2010

The Cadforum has published some tips regarding 'hidden commands' in DWG Trueview 2009. Using this, I created this list of all of the available commands. Some of the interesting ones that add a bit of capability to Trueview are... Read more about DWG Trueview hidden commands

DWG TrueView 2009 is now available!

The big news is that measuring commands are now available. The DIST and AREA commands are at your fingertips... Some of the other new AutoCAD 2009 features are in there also, such as the ViewCube and SteeringWheel and of course the new UI.

Autodesk DWG TrueView Home Page

System Requirements Read more about DWG Trueview 2009 is now available

This post is to expand on the tips over at JTB World regarding the silent install of DWG TrueView. Specifically, the tip below covers automation of the configuration.

If you need to add to the support file search path, you should keep the existing paths but since they are tailored to each user how do account for this? Read more about Configuring DWG TrueView


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