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Many moons ago in the AutoCAD world, when you received a command prompt instead of an expected dialog box, you could check the system variables FILEDIA and CMDDIA and make sure they were set to 1. Over the years, CMDDIA has all but been phased out in AutoCAD, although FILEDIA (for FILE DIAlogs) does still apply. Here is a related post on this.

In AutoCAD MAP (and for MAP commands in Civil 3D) however, CMDDIA does still have an effect on many commands. If you run a MAP command and do not get an expected dialog box, check to make sure CMDDIA = 1. This includes command such as MAPCSCREATE, ADEDEFDATA, ADEQUERY, etc. Some other MAP commands such as MAPCLEAN, do not honor this variable and will always display the dialog box. Read more about Missing MAP Dialog Boxes in AutoCAD Map or Civil 3D?

If you run the OPEN or SAVEAS command and you don't get the expected dialog box, but instead receive an invitation to provide the path on the command line... don't worry, you just need to change a system variable. Type in FILEDIA and set it to 1 to restore the dialogs.

FILEDIA controls whether or not FILE DIAlogs appear for commands such as OPEN, SAVEAS, EXPORT, RECOVER, and NEW.

So if you didn't set FILEDIA to 0, how did it get changed? Sometimes external (lisp, vba, etc) commands may set FILEDIA to avoid dialogs and fail to set it back to 1. Civil 3D itself is known for mysteriously setting FILEDIA to 0 also. The PUBLISH command also sets FILEDIA to 0, but I have only heard of rare cases where it doesn't get restored.

Along these same lines, there is a less used system variable for CoMmanD DIAlogs named CMDDIA. According to AutoCAD documentation, CMDDIA only controls whether or not the in-place text editor appears for the LEADER and QLEADER commands, but it also controls dialog vs. command line prompts for many AutoCAD Map commands. A setting on 1 enables dialogs, and a setting of 0 means you will be prompted at the command line. Read more about Where is my dialog?


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