Looking Forward: RTCNA 2016

Now that I have had a week to decompress from Autodesk University (and readjust to the time zone difference), it’s time for proposals for the Revit Technology Conference to be held in Scottsdale, AZ in July. (Let’s go to the desert in July…it will be fun, they said…). As I said in my AU session, we go to conferences like AU, or RTC, and expect to hear from some of the larger firms, the leaders in our industry. And while I look up to all of those firms, I also realize that the majority of us come from small to mid-size firms, and we face real challenges with keeping up with technology. I was honored to present a live-streaming class at AU on small firm to big BIM, and give voice to us “little guys”.

Revit isn’t a simple program, by any stretch. Using it as a tool for BIM adds a certain level of complexity. I have always been an advocate for using the software as it was intended, and using as many of the tools as possible to create a complete model.¬†After all, it is possible to continue 2D drafting in Revit, but why would you? It would be like buying a Ferrari, sitting in the seat, and turning the key just to hear the radio.

Quality training can help you turn the Revit key. There are plenty of resources (I’m kind of partial to AUGI and Cadalyst). Even YouTube has some great Revit tutorials. Your reseller can also provide software training. The best trainers have “real world” experience and can help you apply the software to your current workflow processes. Sometimes the best way to learn the software is just taking it for a test drive. You may discover tools you didn’t know you had.

See you at RTCNA in July? I hope so.

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