CAD Panacea is a website/blog by R.K. McSwain from Houston, Texas.

CAD Panacea was started in March of 2005 as a resource for AutoCAD users. We feature news, articles, tips, solutions, and other information in the CAD world.

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From March 2005 – December 2008, CAD Panacea was hosted on Google’s Blogger site. You can view the original posts here: 2005 posts | 2006 posts | 2007 posts | 2008 posts.

From December 2008 – November 2014, CAD Panacea was hosted on a Drupal site.

Starting in November 2014, CAD Panacea is now a WordPress site.  Most relevant content was migrated from the old Drupal site to here, but posts that contained obsolete information were not migrated.