Autodesk Settles With ZWSoft

Autodesk recently announced that they have reached a settlement with the various entities identified as ZWSoft, makers of ZWCAD+. Autodesk was accusing ZWSoft of improperly using intellectual property belonging to Autodesk in their ZWCAD+ product. ZWSoft conducted an internal investigation which revealed that a ZWSoft employee did in fact use Autodesk IP in the development of ZWCAD+ and concealed this fact from ZwSoft. As a result of this settlement, ZWCAD has agreed to “stop selling, licensing, or otherwise making available ZWCAD+ from all markets”.

Autodesk has released this Press Release, and comments from Autodesk Vice President, AutoCAD Products, Amy Bunszel.

ZWSoft has released this Press Release, apologized for the issue, and mentions that ZWCAD 2017 is expected to be released in the spring of 2016. If you have purchased ZWCAD+, contact ZWSoft for your options.