Let’s make Augi Great Again!

CAD Panacea is proud to announce that our very own contributing author Kimberly Fuhrman was elected to the Augi Board of Directors in the recent election. CAD Manager guru Robert Green was also elected.

Drop them some Congrats on Twitter or LinkedIn if you have a moment. Good luck Kim and Robert, and…….

Augi Tee

Note to current and past Augi Board of Directors: This image is just a little humor based on the recent US Presidential election, and is in no way meant to reflect poorly on the current state of Augi and/or its past or current Board of Directors. Thank you.



  1. Michael Bruce

    Very funny post. After our recent election I think we all can benefit from a laugh or two about it. And whether or not you like or dislike our new president, you have to admit he got all of our attention.

    I think that is the theme here. To get our attention and refocus on AUGI and the many benefits membership and participation can bring. With all of the blogs, posts, feeds, articles, etc. that bombard us everyday, some things, like AUGI, have gotten lost in the competition for our time. I am sure Robert, Kimberly and all of the board members will continue to work toward and improve upon that goal.

  2. Kimberly Fuhrman

    Thank you, Michael!

    I was a little worried about this one. Thank you for taking it as intended!

    As far as AUGI, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I truly believe in the organization and hope that I, along with the rest of this fantastic board, can make an impact in the continued legacy of AUGI. Stay tuned!

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