CAD Panacea is 12 years old

A recent blog post over at RobiNZ CAD Blog about a recent anniversary of It’s Alive in the Lab, reminded us that we overlooked a milestone here at CAD Panacea. March 28, 2017 marks 12 years since our first ever post here. Well actually we were using back then, before moving to a bit later. In that time, we’ve added another permanent author, and had a few guests along the way. As we mentioned a couple of years ago, primary inspiration for CAD Panacea came from Shaan Hurley’s Between the Lines blog, which was about a year and a half old in March of 2005.  Who else was blogging then and still going today?

Let us know who we’ve omitted.Birthday Cake




  1. Donnie Gladfelter

    Congrats R.K. on yet another year of blogging. I think blog years and dog years are about the same, so congrats on your 77th blogiversary.

  2. rkmcswain (Post author)

    Thanks Donnie G !

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