Dealing with corrupt AutoCAD drawings

Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x3b5cf24 Exception at 654fbd27h
unhandled exception

Who hasn’t seen one of these errors at one time or another? Maybe while trying to OPEN a drawing? If so, you know what that generally means, a corrupt drawing.

There are probably as many opinions regarding corrupt AutoCAD drawings as there are AutoCAD users. If you are reading this with a corrupt drawing in hand, you probably couldn’t care less about how it got this way – you just want your drawing back. Here are some resources that might help.

  • First off, how much time have you really lost? Check the time on your last BAK file (use the DRAWINGRECOVERY command if you have 2006). Consider how long it might take to recover your corrupt drawing vs. what it would take to just start with the BAK file.
  • Try opening the drawing using another CAD program that can read DWG files, such as one of the IntelliCAD varieties [Cadopia | Autodsys | Bricscad | Complete List] or Microstation.
  • Several ideas are documented in the Autodesk KB – How to repair corrupt AutoCAD files
    Be sure and check the links at the bottom of this page also since there are other drawing recovery techniques not noted on this main page.
  • Here is some good information regarding drawing corruption
  • Standalone DWG Audit Tool (v2000 and earlier)
  • An older article, with some good info.
  • As a last resort, send your DWG directly to Autodesk. See Looking for corrupted drawings for more information.

Good luck.