Unemployed? How about some free software and training?

Both Autodesk and Solidworks Several companies are offering incentives to the unemployed engineering community.

Solidworks, through their SolidWorks Engineering Stimulus Package, is offering free 3D CAD software, free training materials, free certification, and job leads to unemployed US and Canada residents.

Autodesk, through their Autodesk Assistance Program, is offering free software licenses, free online training, reduced-cost classroom training, and discounts on certification. This offer is good until December 31, 2009.

Bentley has a similar program including software and training.

Lastly, Engineered Efficiency, Inc, is offering free Civil 3D training to “those who have recently lost their jobs”.


  1. Anonymous

    Bentley offers a similar program for their software to the unemployed.

    1. Enterprise Appl.

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      1. jonewatson

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  2. Chuck Lamping

    Just a reminder, anything created with the student software provided in this program should NOT be brought into the workplace. It will create a “created by an Autodesk Educational Product” stamp on any drawing it is brought into.

    Best to delete all of those drawings at home when you do find work.

  3. Ideate, Inc.

    If you live in Northern California, Oregon or Washington, check Ideate’s web site for information how Ideate is participating in (and enhancing!) the Autodesk Assistance Program.


  4. Alan T

    Wow thanks for the great links mate. I am unemployed at the moment and I was dreaming for few years to teach some Autodesk. And now when I am able to get free license, free training, why not? I think I will definitely try it. Maybe it will help me to find the job in the future? Thanks one more time for the great information. I will be reading your blog usually and waiting for other great posts.

    Sincerely, Alan Tipston

  5. B10essee

    Thank you for posting this. The links were great and made the setup a snap. Yes, it really sucks for those of us who were downsized due to the economy but it’s nice to see these major companies lending us a hand in order to keep our skills sharp.


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