Gallery View Enabled

AutoCAD 2016 – How to disable Ribbon Galleries

AutoCAD 2015 actually introduced what they call Ribbon Galleries, which are graphical drop-downs showing previews for items such as blocks, dimstyles, mleaderstyles, tablestyles, etc. Although it sounds like a good idea in theory, in practice these gallery views proved to be slower …
Source object with no scaling

AutoCAD Align Command

Have you ever wanted to move and rotate objects in AutoCAD all in one command? That is exactly what the ALIGN command does, and it can optionally scale the objects too. Basically you specify a pair of source points and a pair …

CAD Career Observations and Sage Advice

CAD Career Observations and Sage Advice — (In other words…Been there, done that…and what not to do!) Looking back over my 22-year career, I realize that I have not ended up where I planned to go. I graduated from tech school with grand …
AutoCAD 2016

Top 10 new features in AutoCAD 2016

When AutoCAD 2016 was announced this week, we bypassed our normal “What’s new” post and linked you to over a dozen other similar reviews. Now that the dust has somewhat settled, let’s review the top 10 new features in AutoCAD 2016. Do …
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CAD Panacea is 10 years old

We want to say THANK YOU to all the readers of CAD Panacea which turns 10 years old this week.  We’ve been through 2 hosting vendors and 3 blogging platforms and plan to keep writing for you for years to come.  Our …
Autodesk Account

Autodesk Account

As mentioned in an earlier post after AU2014, Autodesk Subscription Center is due to be retired soon (March 13) and replaced by Autodesk Account. Even though Subscription Center is still available, Autodesk Account is live and ready for you to access now.