Solar System drawn to scale on your smartphone

Many people are aware of the AutoCAD drawing (v 2.18) of the solar system, circa 1985. The name of the file is solar.dwg and it was included as a sample drawing at one point. You can download the drawing from this Between the Lines post from a couple of years ago.

Why am I bringing this up again now? I just thought is was pretty awesome that you can view this drawing using AutoCAD 360, on a smartphone. At one extreme, you can view the entire solar system including the almost 6 BILLION km orbit of Pluto. At the other extreme, you can zoom all the way down to the ±1/3 inch writing on the plaque on the lunar lander sitting on the moon. See screenshots below. (Note: I changed the colors of the linework to green in the screenshots for visual clarity)

solar-out2   solar-in2

Yes, this drawing is drawn TO SCALE. Here is some other info on this almost 30 year old AutoCAD drawing.