Windows 10? Hold that thought!

Windows 10 Logo

As of this writing, Windows 10 is not a supported operating system for any Autodesk product. Before installing any O/S upgrades, it’s imperative that you understand the needs of the software you already have installed. Otherwise you could, at minimum, invoke a personal PC nightmare for yourself, or at worst an IT nightmare for your company, that will result in a rollback that could be detrimental to your CAD happiness.

When Windows 8 came out, Autodesk customers had this same problem, and eventually Autodesk released SP2 for AutoCAD and its verticals which gave support for Win 8. There is no guarantee that Autodesk will ever support Windows 10 for any current product. Many times in the past, a new O/S was supported with the next release of applications. Generally speaking, you should purchase/upgrade to hardware and O/S that supports the applications you need to run. Blindly upgrading without checking software requirements may work in some cases (there are those out there who claim that their AutoCAD is working okay on Win 10), but don’t expect support when things don’t work out right.