Excel to a TABLE entity

Here is something I ran across today, using AutoCAD 2006.

Copy two columns of text from Excel spreadsheet to clipboard.
In Excel, the first column is formatted as ‘General’ and the second column is formatted as ‘Number’, set to 2 decimal places.
Edit | Paste Special into AutoCAD – as AutoCAD Entities
Resulting object is a TABLE.

First column in AutoCAD table is fine.
Second column of text is formatted like this:


We don’t want this text 0.463 times it’s HEIGHT value (defined in the TABLE style). The font wasn’t a big issue, but why not just let all of the imported text assume the properties of the current TABLE STYLE?

“Remove all property overrides” does not help (and it shouldn’t)
“Remove Formatting” is grayed out in the context menu.

The only way to remove the formatting is through PROPERTIES, one at a time.

Wait, there is another way. Export the table from AutoCAD to CSV. Then open that file and repeat the copy/pastespec sequence. Better yet, export the original Excel file to CSV, then import it ONCE.

Based on that, it appears that if you remove the Excel formatting, you get nice clean TABLE objects in AutoCAD with no formatting applied to the text itself.