Wheel scroll in VBA editor

If you are working in the VBA editor and are frustrated because the scroll button on your mouse does not scroll, then pick up this freebie called FreeWheel and drop it in your Windows Start Menu in the startup group.

I have seen some people fix the scrolling problem by using a certain driver (an older version) or by making registry hacks, but FreeWheel is too simple to worry about messing with any other method. No nag screens or any indication it’s even running except an icon in the system tray.

A quick check of my Task Manager reveals it only uses about 2400k of memory, one of the lowest in the list.

UPDATE 2006-09-08 – Thanks to Calvin Taylor for alerting me to a Microsoft KB article regarding this topic. Microsoft has their own add-in for the VBA Editor that you may be able to use. I have not tried it though. See: http://support.microsoft.com/?id=837910