AutoCAD 2017 – Three Hotfixes Available

If you are an early adopter of AutoCAD 2017, be sure you keep up with the recently released HotFixes. Hotfixes can be thought of as like a mini service pack, a quick fix for specific issues.

Here is a partial list of the issues addressed in the three available hotfixes. See the README files for each hotfix, for complete information.

  • Layers of Xrefs that are frozen in viewports are plotting ellipses.
  • Model documentation commands not working in some languages.
  • Xrefs showing as needing reloading when opened from a network path to a shared folder.
  • PDFIMPORT fails on an underlay with a relative path.
  • May crash on opening a file when STARTUP setting is changed.
  • May crash if the region and language settings contain long character strings.
  • 3DROTATE Command freezes when used for point clouds.
  • Migration tool may crash importing customized settings from previous releases.

As always, you can browse the support pages for whatever Autodesk product you have to find downloads such as this and other informative items.