Uninstalling IDSP 2014

We were recently performing some Civil 3D upgrades, and in the process, more or less defined an acceptable order of removal for all the components of Civil 3D 2013. When we ran into removing all the components of Infrastructure Design Suite (IDSP) 2014, we where delighted to find that Autodesk supplied an Uninstall Tool. This quickly turned to disappointment after it was discovered that the Uninstall Tool only removes some of the components installed by the installer.

Below is the list of Autodesk apps installed by a limited install of IDSP 2014. By limited, we mean that several components of the full suite were omitted from the install.

Program list before running the IDSP Uninstall Tool

The Uninstall tool is not decieving, it is quite clear that only 5 applications will be removed. On the upside, it is important to note that this Uninstall tool works very fast to remove these 5 apps.

IDSP 2014 Uninstall Tool dialog

Below is the list of Autodesk applications remaining after the Uninstall tool has completed.

Program list after running the IDSP Uninstall Tool

The Uninstall tool helps automate a portion of the process, just be aware that if you run the Uninstall tool there are still some other components left to uninstall manually. It also should be noted that after running the Uninstall tool, the component titled “Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 64 Bit Object Enabler on Autodesk 360 – Language Neutral” cannot be removed. At least here, it fails. If you manually remove this _Before_ running the Uninstall tool it uninstalls OK.