AutoCAD 2010 and Norton 360 issue

If you are running Norton 360 3.0 and AutoCAD 2010, chances are your OPEN and SAVE dialog boxes do not work, among other problems.

Here is the Autodesk KB article on the issue, and here is a direct link to the fix from Symantec.


  1. libragirl

    Also the problem occurs with autocad 2007 and 2008. Norton had to uninstall the 3.0 and install 2.0 instead and told me that they would bring the freeze issue up with tech support. I am working with the 2.0 version until all the kinks are ironed out. It also affected photoshop and Jasc.

    1. rkmcswain (Post author)

      Thanks for the update.

  2. Patrick

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….
    I have Acad 2006 and have been dealing with this issue for two days. Other sites suggested disabling a driver in Norton which gets over my head. Your link to symantic for the hotfix resolved my issues on the spot. I does infuriate me that this fix is not incorporated into 360 from the get go to avoid lost hours, pay etc for this headache.
    Thanks again.

    1. rkmcswain (Post author)

      You are welcome.
      We don’t run Norton here, but I seen many reports of this issue. Glad that my post was of use to someone.

  3. David Stafford

    Thanks its been driving me mad -must have reinstalled 10 times and was seriously thinking of formating HD and starting again. But the link works- shame that Norton haven’t seen fit to notify us of the problem

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