2015 Autodesk event recap #DiveInto2015


Our reseller Total CAD Systems held an informative event on 06/10/2014 in Houston. There were breakout sessions in the morning covering the new 2015 features in Infrastructure Systems, Digital Prototyping, and Building Systems. Check out the twitter feed from the #DiveInto2015 event.

Total CAD fed everyone well with lunch from Goode Company BBQ, and then our first afternoon session was Lynn Allen‘s famous 60 AutoCAD tips in 60 minutes. Despite her travel woes from the previous day, Lynn gave a excellent presentation and then gracefully met and answered questions for many attendees afterwards. All attendees received a physical copy of the Lynn’s 2015 Tips and Tricks booklet. Below is a photograph of the Total CAD Systems staff with Lynn Allen.


The final session of the day was presented by Sherry Huling and Michael Pidgeon from Total CAD regarding all the recent changes with Autodesk Subscription. Sherry and Michael held an unannounced Q&A session afterwards where they asked the attendees questions regarding subscription (Ah… who was paying attention?), and the persons answering correctly received gift cards to local establishments.


The location for this event, the Houston Food Bank, seemed a bit unusual for this type of conference at first but it turned out to be a great venue and a few attendees even received an impromptu tour of the facility. Thanks Total CAD Systems for the invitation and putting on a great event.