Civil 3D – Strange object names

We want to call your attention to something that has just started to crop up here in Civil 3D. Not sure how widespread this is, but it’s known to occur in version 2013.

Essentially, Civil 3D objects such as feature lines, sites, gradings, pipes, structures, etc. will obtain a strange name or description as shown here.

strange object names

Another issue is that certain styles will show an “Anchor Component” of **error**, as shown below. We’re not sure if these two things are related or independent of each other.

anchor errors
Autodesk’s response to our support request was…

...It seems that this is known issue reported to development earlier. It appears that this
happens to one bad drawing and every drawing opened after it in the same session of AutoCAD.
The only way to resolve it is to close and re-open AutoCAD....

For more information, please refer to this thread over in the Autodesk Civil 3D forum. If you have seen this also, please leave a comment here or in that forum thread. Thanks.