AutoCAD Xrefs and Relative Paths

C’mon AutoCAD…. why do you have so much trouble with relative xref paths?

I add a DWG xref and you tell me….

No Relative Path

So I choose Full Path and proceed to finish attaching the DWG.

Then I right-click on the DWG I just attached, and choose Path>Make Relative…..and guess what? It works!

Making the path relative AFTER attaching.


This “feature” has been broken for probably a decade. To help us increase productivity, please remove the extra step!

Now that that’s out of the way, yes I know you can do a Qsave just before attaching the xref and it works more often than not, but guess what? I may not want to save the parent drawing.¬†Neither this or this address the issue because obviously in my case a relative path is technically possible.

Do you run into this also?


  1. Hal

    You have to save first…

    1. rkmcswain (Post author)

      Hal, Yes I mentioned that in the article. But many times, I do not want to save, nor should you have to.


  2. Viktor

    The program searches the paths associated with that currently active project for xrefs that were not found in the current folder of the host drawing, the full search path, the current drawing folder, or the program support paths.

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