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We are excited to have been invited to the brand new Autodesk AEC Blogger Council by organizer Angela Simoes. What does this mean? We, along with about 35 others worldwide will have access to up and coming technologies, new information, and future trends within the AEC community at Autodesk. In short, we are an extension of their PR department in a way; a small, select group gathering useful information from Autodesk and disseminating it out to you, the consumers of their products. Today was our kick-off meeting and we are looking forward to the future with this group.

Today we heard some about an upcoming public preview of a new structural analysis tool called React Structures, to be available in late summer 2015.

React Structures

We also heard a presentation on the new roundabout feature in InfraWorks 360.

Roundabout - InfraWorks 360

Lastly we learned about a product named Autodesk Building Ops, a mobile application for maintenance management. Targeted users are maintenance managers, technicians, and building occupants. It connects BIM asset data to the people who need it most.

We’ll be updating you with new information as soon as we get it here.


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  1. Cody Fox

    Looking forward to seeing how this new application is going to compare to Revit Site and Structure ffeatures.

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