AutoCAD 2010 hatch enhancements

One of the new hatch features is the ability to grip edit non-associative hatch objects. Not only do you get vertex grips, but you also get intermediate grips. Pressing the CTRL key gives you more options. Follow along with the example below.

Here is a non-associative hatch object.


Now when you click on this hatch object, you get this.


If you pick an “intermediate” grip and start to drag it, you are, by default, adding a new vertex in the hatch boundary. Notice the little [+] sign.


If you press the CTRL key, the [+] changes to an ARC symbol and now you are changing that segment to an arc while stretching the midpoint.


If you click on an actual vertex, normal editing operations are in effect. You can easily drag the vertex to a new location to change the shape of the hatch object. If you press the CTRL key though, you are switched into the Remove Vertex mode.


Here is the completed hatch object after the above edits have been applied.


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